Fitness Wear: What all to look for

A perfect balance is a must, whether it’s in day-to-day chores or even gym
wear. Too-tight workout wear can restrict your movements by making you feel
uncomfortable whereas on the other hand, too loose will come your way while
you will perform various exercises. So ideal activewear is a must that will not
only keep you comfortable but stylish as well. When it comes to women
undoubtedly, they have always been more fashion-conscious than men as they
can never stick to the same style of dress and remain always worried about what
to wear, when to wear it, and how they will look. With the changing trend and
growing fitness craze spreading across the world, now more and more women
have started going to the gym to stay active and fit. Even women who can’t
spare time to go out for a workout have started doing it at home. But working
out at home doesn’t mean that they can exercise wearing an oversized t-shirt
and regular PJs.

It is important to wear a proper pair of workout clothes during the workout as it helps to avoid injuries, improves performance, and builds self-confidence. Because of all these reasons now the sportswear industry has experienced significant growth over the past few years and a good variety of fitness wear that are extremely stretchable to wear are coming up in the market for women such as yoga pants, capris, tights, shorts, and so on. But how to select the best, below let’s make it simple for you:

What Women should look for when choosing Gym Wear?

  • Comfortable:

An ill-fitted piece of fitness wear will make you feel uncomfortable throughout
the workout. So it is extremely important to select the right piece of activewear with a perfect fit as it will enhance your performance.

  • Stretchable:

The exercise involves several movements like stretching and lifting which
require flexibility. Gym wear should be made of a stretchable fabric to give the
wearer the freedom of movement without restricting even complex movements.

  • Breathable:

These fabrics make strenuous physical activities comfortable through the rapid moisture vapour transmission through the clothes. Most women's gym wear comes in slim fit but is breathable which allows air circulation helping the wearer to stay relaxed and comfortable while exercising.

  • Dry-Fit:

The clothes that you are wearing during a workout must remain dry no matter
how hard you perform or sweat. These dry-fit fabrics move sweat away from
the body towards the surface of the fabric where it evaporates and keeps the
wearer dry and comfortable.

  • Proper Fit:

Too tight and too loose both types of activewear won’t work for the workout as they can impair your performance. A piece of athletic pants or t-shirt that fits perfectly is what you need for a comfortable workout.

Types of Sportswear available for women:

If you are heading to the gym for the first and are unsure of where to begin, no worries we have compiled a list of women’s athletic wear below for you to help you find the best:
1. Tights:
These yoga pants for the gym come in numerous stylish designs and
comfortable, stretchable, and absorbent fabric which makes them an essential part of women’s wardrobes. Not only during the workout but women have started wearing them on casual occasions as well. They are uniquely constructed using stretchable fabric to give the wearer ease of movement with every move.
2. Capris:
Bored wearing those same tights every day to the gym? No problem yoga capris are another option that is extremely stylish and designed keeping comfort in mind. They are stretchable, moisture-wicking, breathable, super soft, and light which means these can be worn for long durations and prevents chafing, rashes, and irritation in the skin as it allows air to pass through and absorbs moisture through the skin.
3. Shorts:
One of the best gym outfits for women in extreme summer as it keeps them cool and comfortable throughout their workout sessions. It is best to avoid shorts that extend below your knees especially if they are loose because they will shorten your range of motion. They are designed with stretchable and dry-fit technology that wicks sweat and odour away making your every movement easier.
4. T-shirts:
Workout in style by pairing the training t-shirts for women with one of your
favourite tights, track pants, capris, or shorts. They come in dry-fit and super
soft fabric which fights sweat and body odour making them soft and
comfortable against the skin so that you love wearing them even when you are not working out. The list of essential gym clothes will go on and on as there are endless options and varieties available both online and offline. That is why it is important to find the best brand that you can trust like Fitinc where you will find an exclusive collection of high-quality gym wear for women designed using style and comfort in mind.

How to select the right gym wear?

Selecting the right gym wear is essential as your performance during a workout depends on it. With galore of options available both online and offline it becomes tough to find the best but below mentioned few things will help you select the right:
1. The tights or track pants should fit snugly around the waist, legs, and
hips. Too loose or too tight won’t be comfortable and will negatively
affect your performance.
2. Consider how versatile the yoga pants are, like they are designed only
for a workout or can be worn casually.
3. Check for durability if you have to wear them frequently then how long
will they last?
4. How much stretchable they are, during a workout gym pants need to be
extremely stretchable to allow easy movements.
5. Are they absorbent because the body sweats and makes the wearer feel
uncomfortable during a workout?
6.  If it is breathable the fabric will allow air to pass through keeping skin
infections away from the wearer's skin.

Why Shop Gym Wear Online?

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