Things to Pay Attention While Buying T-shirts

T-Shirts are probably the most versatile and comfortable piece of clothing that every man owns. With a variety of colours and styles available to you both offline and online, it becomes easy to get the right piece for yourself. What you need to keep in mind while selecting a piece of the tee is the season and the place you will be wearing it. Although you can wear cotton t-shirts even in the gym during the workout it’s good to get gym wear t-shirts for the workout as they come with several essential features such as dry-fit, stretchable absorbent and more.

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No matter it’s a casual t-shirt or gym wear you need to pay attention to some aspects before purchasing – fit, colour, fabric, style, and function.

Fit: Popular as one of the versatile pieces of clothing t-shirts can make you look more masculine no matter what your built is. Lose or tight both the types are not perfect. T-shirt needs to fit perfectly and highlight the best attributes of your body.

Colour: Check your wardrobe or online to see the variety of available. T-shirts have become so essential that while buying we don’t realize that what we will be going to wear with them and how many already we have in our closet. It is always good to buy t-shirts as per your skin tone but there are few basic colours – white, black, grey and navy which pairs well with most outfits and should be in your closet.

Fabric: Remember the quality of the cloth doesn’t depend on its weight. Like t-shirts with lighter fabric tend to cost more and are durable. Buy t-shirts that look thinner, last-longer and make you feel lighter.

Style: Collar is the most important factor that requires attention. Like if you are wearing a jacket with a collar than your t-shirt needs to be of the same shape. Tucking of the t-shirt is the second important factor such as the tucked-in-t-shirt style works best with a short-sleeved collar t-shirt and trousers.

Function: Casual parties, friends and family get-togethers, events where all other people are wearing t-shirts are some of the occasions where you can dress in comfort by wearing a stylish tee. Also, activities like yoga, Zumba, exercise, weight lifting where a lot of sweating is involved t-shirts are a perfect outfit.